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State of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Address

Posted in video by whscceo on February 19, 2009

Please take a moment to watch this video of my recent State of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center address, and then let me know what you think – not only of the address itself, but also of the initiatives underway to weather the current economic climate and to emerge a stronger organization as a result. I’ll respond to your moderated posts as promptly as possible. Thanks for sharing your feedback and ideas.

State of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center
Real Video, 30 min.

Fred Sanfilippo, MD, PhD

Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, Emory University

CEO, Woodruff Health Sciences Center

Chairman, Emory Healthcare

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  1. buchmant said, on February 22, 2009 at 11:52 pm

    An engaging, inspirational address.

    Many academic health centers (AHC) discuss reorganization and realignment. Weathering the current economic challenges will require genuine collaboration–across individuals, professions and institutions. This can be hard. Hard because most academic health centers have a history of rewarding individual achievement over group success. Hard because in times of scarce resources, there is a very human tendency to look after oneself before others. Bravo for addressing the issues of organizational culture head on.

    What strategies foster collaborations that are successful for individuals AND institutions? One of the most important may be focusing on the distinction between leadership and ownership. In the complex environments of academic health centers, developing qualified leaders in many professions and giving them the chance to lead is an especially effective way to engage others towards a common goal.

    It’s a paradox that academic health centers often undervalue coaching and teaching as administrative skills . Emory is exceptional in its focus on developing such leadership skills at all levels, and that focus is among its greatest strengths in these challenging times.

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